How does the Golden Ticket work?

The Golden Ticket is available to all members in good standing. Members qualified as "in good standing" are those who are active members and up-to-date on all payments.

The Golden Ticket gives you access to all of the following:

  • past and present digital trainings, recordings, and courses
  • future digital trainings, recordings, and courses
  • tickets to any live events, workshops, or meet-ups*
  • other perks and unannounced benefits that will pop up randomly

The Golden Ticket ONLY applies to digitally delivered products. It does not apply to any professional services such as consulting, masterminds, hiring the team, etc. 

Access to the above mentioned perks will be granted once every 30 days regardless of payment dates or time of the month. That means that if your monthly payments fall on the 13th but you redeem your Golden Ticket on the 29th, you won't have access again until the 29th of the following month. 

We give you access to courses one a time to reduce that feeling of being overwhelmed and to keep you focused. Plus, the Golden Ticket is a perk and a way of giving you access to additional training when you need it, not just for the sake of acquiring.

If you already requested your Golden Ticket access, instead of a gold button, you will see a message telling you when you can next redeem a digital training, recording, or course.



*live events do not follow the 1 per month rule. You may redeem a Golden Ticket to attend an event while redeeming a digital training/course. Just send in a support ticket to redeem the live event ticket. 

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