How To Install Revenue Bump On Your Shopify Store

Below you will find instructions on installing the Revenue Bump App on your store.

Please note, that when you purchased the app, you were asked for your Shopify Url in the following format:  If you mispelled that url or you provided your vanity URL, your install will not work correctly.  If this happens to you, please open a support ticket and provide us with the correct URL.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Open the email with the subject line "Revenue Bump Single License Token"

  2. Copy your Security Token
    (note: the code above is a sample code, your's will be significantly longer.)

  3. Go To:

  4. Paste Your Security Token In the Field

  5. Click Install

  6. You Will Be Taken To Your Shopify Store and Asked To Log In (Log In)

  7. You Will Be Prompted To Install Private App 

  8. Click "Install Unlisted App"

  9. Revenue Bump will install automatically from this point.

  10. Thats it. Revenue Bump Has Been Installed.

To access the app in your store, click "Apps" in the right side navigation of your store dashboard:

apps.png       installed_apps.png


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